How a Great Sign Can Help Your Business Stand Out

One smart, cost-effective way to differentiate your business from a sea of competitors is with an attractive, memorable sign. A well-made sign makes a good first impression on potential clients and acts as a silent salesperson and marketer for your business. Here are four reasons why a great sign is great for business:

Signs Draws Attention

An attractive sign placed in the right location draws attention to your business. Signs tell passerbyers that you exist and help potential clients locate your business in crowded shopping areas. A good sign will help you get business that you might otherwise miss.

Signs Reinforce Your Brand

Signs help introduce and reinforce your brand. People who pass by your business may not have an immediate need for your services, but a sign’s constant reminder can stick your business in their brains. When these people do eventually need the services you offer, you’ll be the first place they think of.

Signs are Good for Promoting Sales

Signs help you promote sales that will generate foot traffic. A sign advertising a hot, limited-time sale will get impulse walk-ins. You can also use your signs to show off any recent awards your business may have won, or remind people it’s that time of year to purchase a seasonal service your business offers.

Signs are Cost-Effective Marketing

All business owners know how important marketing is – and how expensive it can be. These days, online marketing is the most common tool to grow a business, but that can be pricey and difficult for a new business to justify. For price effectiveness, never count out a good physical sign. Outdoor signage is a cost-effective marketing strategy that needs no campaign, outreach, or online interaction. Signs are also an effective method to reach older and less tech-savvy demographics.

Signs are Year-round Advertising

Signs work for you all year round. They’re visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They don’t take breaks, they don’t ask for raises, and they never talk back. Signs are a worthwhile one-time investment that won’t let you down.

Sign Nation Creates Custom Signs For Your Business

Sign Nation has been producing some of the most innovative signage in Canada for more than 15 years. Working with architects, developers and designers, Sign Nation has been at the forefront of change and creative development in branding and signage solutions. Contact us today for a consultation.


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