Helpful Storefront Sign Design Tips

Have you ever seen a dull and boring sing? If not, do not worry, it probably failed to grab your attention or make space in your memory. Storefront signs that lack personality and delivery of a catchy message fail to grab the interests of customers.
Signage should be at the forefront of all your priorities when you’re creating the brand of your business or revitalizing an existing one. A customer shouldn’t have to dive-in to assess the brief details about your product. A good sign gives a quick image to the passerby about the type of the company and what it’s selling. We have compiled a list of six tips that can guarantee an exciting sign for your business.

To The Point

Attention spans of people have significantly reduced, which explains the prominence of 140 characters on Twitter and 2-minute videos on YouTube. We are growingly in a hurry, so keeping signs short will result in many people readily giving their time to read it.

Easy-to-read Fonts

You need to keep your fonts simple and easy to read in order to avoid losing people’s attention. Clear fonts, without any curly-cues, in a single colour will make it easier for customers to read your font quickly. Overly complicated fonts may look unique but make it harder to drive in the sales.

Purpose of Purchase

Make sure to state the value your product will add to the customer’s life in a few words. For instance, does your product make it easier for people to style their coarse, curly hair? In that case, adding “manage beautiful curls with ease” to your sign will help push your product. Adding small but informative details to your signs will help people relate their needs to your product and invest in it.

Less Is More

People are beginning to get shorter texts in their daily lives. Readers no longer have the time to read fluff. Boil down the text on your signage until only the meaningful crux is left.

Test Your Sign

Signs on the window display or on the top of your store look magnificent; however, you must ensure they are visible from considerable distances and easy to read from up close. So before you open up your store to the public, make sure to have a couple of friends look at your sign and give feedback on its visibility.


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