half halo lit signage with wood backer

Acrylic halo-lit sign.

Where To Start?

Getting a sign for your brick and mortar business is exciting. A sign is a representation of everything that you are as a business, and you want to make the right decision as it will live above your storefront for years to come. There are many things to consider when you purchase a sign. You need to look at zoning restrictions, analyze cost, look to your neighbours, think of the people who will be viewing your sign, and many more things. This does not even take into consideration the fact that you need to find a sign that you like first and foremost. Here is our list of what you need to consider when buying a sign for your storefront.

Zoning Restrictions

All cities have different zoning rules for hanging signs, and often need permits to hang a sign. Depending on your area these zoning restrictions can vary wildly. Always ensure that you check these restrictions before you commission a sign, you would not want to purchase the sign of your dreams only to find that you cannot hang it.


When you are installing a sign, while you want your store to stand out you may not want it to stand out too much. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and check out the general feel as well as what signs work well for other businesses. This can help inspire you and will help you understand what sign may be too flashy or not flashy enough to compete.


Depending on who you are catering your business to, you may want to make decisions about the sign to attract them to it. Different demographics are drawn to different designs, and a talented design team, like those at Sign Nation, will be able to help you make these decisions. Your sign communicates who you are to the world, and communicating directly with your key audience is a huge factor.
Foot Traffic vs.

Vehicle Traffic

Depending on where your store is, you will have different levels of foot traffic versus vehicle traffic. If you are inside of a mall, for instance, you will not have anyone drive by your store, but if you are on a main road, you will have a lot of cars going by. Different signs work better for people who are going to take a quick glance versus people going by on foot, who have more time to spare your sign a look.


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