A recently published study found that 44% of retail store customers have a positive experience with technology installed in retail locations. It has made them more prone to visiting the store again and recommending that particular brand in the future. It is definitely true that the e-commerce sector has dominated the local retail market share for quite some time now. This is the reason why many retail stores are also introducing similar digital tools to the physical retail area in a bid to get back the lost share. Studies have revealed that as time progresses, the future of retail will be dominated by advanced technologies in the form of digital tools in signages across the retail sector. Here are some digital signage trends that will dominate the 2019 retail space:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been one of the most upcoming technology trends to rule every sector, be it manufacturing, automobile or retail. AI integrated with in-store signings allows market researchers to collect the demographical data pertaining to their visitors and customers. This study helps to predict and reflect common customer behaviours, leading to improved product offering and optimization of information.

Virtual assistants

Does the word ‘virtual assistant’ bring memories of the ‘Microsoft Word assistant’ that used to help us with word documents some years back? Well, the modern virtual assistants are a much technologically advanced and digital endowed version of that simple assistant. Sure, the functions remain the same but modern day virtual assistants give real-time solutions, take care of repetitive tasks and provides a truly interactive experience for customers.


With reference to the prior point about interaction, it is imperative to know that the modern day customer continues to have a much-advanced expectation of interaction rather than just an answer to a question. Interactive signages are expected to provide information, images, options, links, alternatives, and even possess a voice. With suitable tools and high level of technology application, it is not far fetched.

Screen space

Today’s customers do not just browse on a desktop, it is to do with laptops, palmtops, mobiles, Ipads and other numerous screens that we are probably oblivious to. Today’s signage technology is not just advancing in terms of bringing new developments, it also has to deal with accommodating technologies in newer screen spaces. Retailers are under immense pressure to offer parallel user experience not just in in-store signage but also probably on their website and app.

Infusing e-commerce

One of the most obvious steps in retail signages is to offer the concept of automatic e-commerce. Retailers who are already aware of customer’s preference call it the paradigm of technology, personalization, empowerment and freedom. Customers can go to retail spaces to see and feel the actual products but the payment process can be automated so that they do not have to wait in queues for a long time. Alternatively, they can maybe browse through the store physically and scan the products they wish to buy. Simply automate the purchase and complete the payment. Almost like buying online but after physically inspecting a product.

Whatever your innovative idea is, partnering with the right signage company can be a great start to get any kind of technological elements you are vying for your retail business. If you want to make your retail signage contemporary and technologically advanced, speak to Sign Nation. We are helping our several retail clients to realize smart and technologically advanced customer interaction through our signages.