Now more than ever, having a well-designed storefront sign is essential for attracting potential customers to your business, whether you’re just starting out or looking to update your marketing plan. A good design creates an excellent first impression while promoting brand awareness and differentiating your company from competitors. If you’d like to know more about how improving your business’s signage will attract more foot traffic, then keep on reading!

First Impressions Matter

They really do. A Princeton study showed that the average person only takes 1/10th of a second to form a first impression on someone or something. Your business is no exception. Judgements are based on the level of attractiveness, trustworthiness and overall likeability. If the image of your business doesn’t reflect most of those values in a positive way, then people will likely keep on walking. A well thought-out design that’s both eye-catching and informative are enough to pique the interest of potential customers.

Does it look professionally crafted? Does the sign reflect aspects customers will find appealing, based on the business itself? These are common questions that will float through someone’s mind in the short time they look at your business’s signage. Reflect what your business values most through your design process; bold colours for a fun time or calming shades for a relaxing vibe.

Attractive Designs Attract Customers

People like to look at pretty things, especially designs and concepts that appeal to them on a personal level. Attractive items are usually perceived as better working or more effective than the less attractive option. That’s just how marketing goes. It appears as though more thought and effort was put into producing something with such high appeal rather than a clunky, over-complicated mess that looks thrown together without a second thought. Take the time to determine who your target audience is before researching the designs that will resonate with them the most.

Helps Boost Your Business

Properly thought-out designs help bring customers to your doorstep, which in turn will help to boost foot traffic and sales. We’ve mentioned already how attractive marketing makes your businesses seem more trusting and likeable. This is crucial, as not taking the time to appeal to your customer base through good design concepts will translate to potential customers walking in the other direction. No matter how wonderful your service or products may be, it takes an attractive sign to get people through the door and investing in what you have to offer. Without this, your business isn’t going to be as successful as you initially planned.

Creates a Connection

If executed well, a good design can make customers feel an emotional connection to your business without even taking a step into your shop. Through impactful colour, layout and font decisions that match what your business has to offer potential customers, you can create valuable relationships with them.

At Sign Nation, we’re a team of professional sign makers that have been producing store signs for over 15 years. We work with architects, designers and developers to create the best indoor and outdoor storefront signage for our clients, whether they want illuminated or non-illuminated in the material of their choosing. Our services include design consultations, processing of permits, sign installation, digital printing, laser cutting and maintenance. Located in Newmarket, Ontario, we offer high-quality products and excellent customer service. You can count on us to get the job done right, so call us today or visit our website to start the design process.