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Archive for October 2018

Why your business needs signage that stands out

Storefront Signs

The success of a business today depends on a lot of factors, more than was the case many years ago. This is not a surprise given the competitive environment business owners have to face. This is why it is important for them to put in extra effort to ensure they stand out and get noticed…

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How to Save Money with Energy Efficient Business Signs

Digital airport wayfinding signage

Old and unreliable lighting systems in small businesses end up costing companies a lot of money in the long run. If you are constantly dealing with flickering lights, replacing light bulbs that seem to burn out almost instantly and having poorly lit products, it’s time to switch up your lighting system. The Ontario government has…

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Why Your Business Should Use Channel Letters

Why Your Business Should Use Channel Letters You might not know what channel letters are off the top of your head, but you’ve definitely seen them. Channel letters are the custom-made metal or plastic letters frequently used on exterior signage. They are often illuminated so they can be seen at night and from a distance.…

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