Digital menu boards add an aura of sophistication and innovation to restaurants, setting those with them apart from competitors without. It enhances the customer experience and shows an embrace for new ways of thinking. Here are four reasons why you should get digital menus at your restaurant:


Digital signage allows you to harness a wide range of media like images, videos, and even gifs. Using a digital menu board allows your restaurant to display menu items in an appealing manner, prompting your customers to crave your meals more ferociously than if you had a traditional printed menu that plainly listed food items.

Easily Plan Content

Rather than manually changing your menu for each meal of the day, you can simply use a digital menu instead. That way your menu will automatically switch from breakfast to lunch to dinner at a specified time without anyone having to change a menu board themselves. It allows you to plan your content and schedule it in advance, reducing stress and saving time. Using a digital menu also means you can easily remove and edit menu items. Customers will no longer be upset or disappointed if a listed item is unavailable.

Cut Costs

You would need to organize print jobs to update your menu when using traditional paper menus. You also have to routinely replace dirty and worn menus, which is an expense that may seem small, but it does add up over time. Digital menus reduce operating costs since it only needs to be fixed if it requires replacing or becomes defective. It is also easy to learn how to use signage software.

Stand Out

People remember when a restaurant adopts technology that makes it easier for them to go there. They will tell their friends how simple it was to order an item because digital solutions leave a lasting impression on them. Sometimes, patrons may even remember the experience more than the meal itself. Digital menu boards grab the attention of passersby and pull them into your restaurant. They create a unique and memorable dining experience.

A digital menu board might be the extra something your restaurant needs to bring more people in and keep them coming back. Contact Sign Nation to see how a digital menu sign can work for your establishment. We are a sign maker that specializes in restaurant signs, storefront signs, and general store signs.